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Driving financial excellence with  AI agent

financial AI solution FINGU

AI based finance management solutions
for business

User data-based conversation AI

fingu delivers financial messages optimized for individuals based on user data

Omnichannel AI support

fingu can be used anywhere and can be found
at any time


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Machine Learning Capabilities

Fingu uses machine learning for intelligent decision-making.
Learn about machine learning
used by  AI.

Deep Learning Neural Networks

Fingu learns and makes decisions on its own based on big data.
Understand neural networks, the core of AI, and learn how to utilize them.

Natural Language Processing

Fingu understands and treats language.
Find out how Fingu uses NLP for language understanding.

Real-time Data Processing

Fingu analyzes the data and process it in real time immediate results.
Learn how AI process data to generate insights in real time.

AI Agent

Fingu interprets and analyzes data.
Learn how AI analyzes visual data.

AI-Powered value

Find out how our AI can provide

Fingu applies financial AI to provide expert-level financial guidance and innovate customer interaction.

Entrust repetitive tasks to AI agents and improve productivity.

Adaptable to your unique business needs.


FINGU connects to your favorite tools


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